the charons

Sometimes its good to have an open mind and believe what others say, especially if your own heart believes that person.

Some stories are told because they should be told, without any hidden agenda.

This is such a story, some pages from my life to wake indians up, to remove the glasses of hypocrisy from their eyes and show them another side of real india, which may invade their world too, ignorance is not a bliss. Its a timebomb.


There are two types of people in world mostly, one those who will share good and bad, both with others, especially those who hold near.

Then there are those who will keep the good for themselves or share them with very few people but force everyone else who is unlucky enough to be near them to take a piece of bad that happens to them.

When someone does not gives a damn to his/her duty towards you but expects/demands that you do your duty towards him/her don’t waste your time and energy, dump that person as soon as you can, or else you will end up as a mule.

These people are deadly company.

My latest book, the charons:

some reviews by my priceless friends:

the charons


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