Hungry ghosts

not dead,
craving for things,
lusting for things,
that was not theirs,
cant be theirs,
they breathe,
the only thing dead
is their soul,
they possess
they exploit
they corrupt
they destroy
using the power
of dead soul
over souls
that are afraid
of losing their souls
its purity
its warmth
its conscience
answerability to God.
These hungry ghosts
steal life from living,
coffin from dead.
Their power is their multitude,
they seek their own,
and once found,
they band together,
so unlike the living
that live alone,
face the undead on their own.
To fight this ever-increasing army
when you find a living
hold his hand and keep him near.
Be there for him when he needs you,
and if needed ward off the undead together,
just like them, let other livings join in,
and increase your power for your own sake.

People often complain against “rising” of evil, maybe it is on the rise, or maybe it was always like this the only difference is these days we know things in global scale, whereas fifty years back it was national, 100 years ago it was hardly own town/village 😉

But the message is clear, evil thrives because its followers are loyal to their cause, they are far more zealous than honest, good people. One thief mostly helps another, but an honest man often fails to do that. Honest people live in their own small capsules, trying to keep themselves good, they often don’t help their neighbours, even if they think they are good, honest people. That is where evil wins and multiplies.

Maybe, we, the honest people should be less judgmental of other honest people and try to help them when they ask for it, or even if they don’t ask for it.

There is only one way of fighting evil (if you want it) that will be by increasing the level of good in world, to increase we will have to save good people 😉 and their goodness.

my latest book:

the charons


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