kubo 25.1.15

kubo 25.3.15 I17

This little fellow is showing up almost every day, we Bengalis call it Kubo, because of its call, a distinctive koob koob… you will think that someone is hitting something in a regular rhythm if you hear him call.

He spends some time trying to get inside those pipes sticking out of water tanks. I so wish I had a good camera because he ignores me. alas! he is too small to be captured perfectly but try to see him and let me know if you can. 🙂


my latest book, the charons-


4 thoughts on “Kubo

    • There is a pair of wagtails (we call them Khanjana) they have most probably made their nest inside a water tank, the owners leave its lid open, maybe it is empty. I see them coming in and out of that tank often. 🙂

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