the charons

Sometimes its good to have an open mind and believe what others say, especially if your own heart believes that person.

Some stories are told because they should be told, without any hidden agenda.

This is such a story, some pages from my life to wake indians up, to remove the glasses of hypocrisy from their eyes and show them another side of real india, which may invade their world too, ignorance is not a bliss. Its a timebomb.


“Your cooking is great Mehul.” her brother in law gushed. She looked at her sister, who was a really jealous type of woman but did not see any signs of jealousy so thanked her stars.

“Don’t use tomato and coriander.” Rina said, “Raju is allergic to spices, they may kill him, use only salt, turmeric, little chilly powder and minimum possible oil.”

She believed her and absolutely changed her cooking style to suit her brother in laws digestion capacity.

Years went by then she had the chance of staying with her sister’s in-laws for a fortnight. The first thing she noticed was the oil dripping from the curries, the massive amount of onion, garlic and other spice pastes and the amount in which her brother in law wad swallowing those “Toxic” curries without any sign of distress.

The charons:

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the charons


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