my grandkids and more

plants 20.3.15

plants firstmbd 14.3.15 I1

purple flower 19.3.15 I1 FS

purple flower 19.3.15 I1

Back in Kolkata, I was blessed with their parents, there was a krishnakali plant outside the gate of our lodgings, every mastodon in the vicinity was obsessed with this plant, so after picking up the seed of the first one and being blessed by the only seed by a sapling I started to notice that the mastadons slaughter the plants every time they pass by, I rescued three of the plants, by pulling them out of the ground, believe me, as a plant lover it was a horrible feeling, to simply pull them out of the ground, even though I was confident that they will die, they survived and filled up my balcony with flowers.

Right when they were in their blooming spree Hyderabad beckoned, I hoped and prayed for some seeds, got some, they were not properly dried but I decided to try my luck, gathered everyone (6) and sowed them here, and the tiny saplings popped up on Valentine day, I hope they will bloom too!

As for the cactus, well for some reason they were dangling from our entrance, I think locals use them to thwart evil eyes, anyway, could not let them die there so I planted them. one lived other perished.

That purple flower and the flower stick are first two flowers in my little garden 😉 Don’t look down upon them just because they don’t cost a penny! They are beautiful!


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