Pigeons in sky

catching own shadow 20.3.15

pigeon and sun 20.3.15

pigeons flying 20.3.15

pigeons w spread wings 16.3.15 I24

Well my bedroom in this house, in the morning the sun says hi with first rays, in the evening he says goodbye before taking the dip.

These pigeons- they fill up the neighbourhood. Love these beings as long as they keep out! 😉

my latest book, the charons:



2 thoughts on “Pigeons in sky

    • few????? well, they are the dominant species around here, the only birds that have managed to thrive in concrete jungle and multiply 😉

      It is a housing complex, multistoried apartment building, whatever you call them, there are atleast ten pairs in this side of the building, competing over every nook and cranny. 😉

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