hyderabad tidbits 20.3.15

khanjan 6.3.15

its a closer look (equally hazy i fear) of tiny khanjana, wish me luck that my next capture becomes as clear as they can be!

I grew up listening to those words,
“Nadi naam sai anjana,
nache teere khanjana.”
“the khanjana bird dances
on the banks of river anjana”
never thought the poet,
for once literally meant
you dance!
then I saw you little being,
wagging your tail
as you sip water
and realized
he meant what he said,
you do dance!




2 thoughts on “hyderabad tidbits 20.3.15

  1. Some rhymes do capture the songs and sounds of the world around…love to watch the birds do their dance…by any chance have you seen this video about the birds of paradise?

    • just a few months back I was watching a program on wooing rituals of birds, they are absolutely amazing, of course birds of paradise and lyre birds were there. 🙂

      thanks for the video. I too love to watch any kind of animals doing their special tricks.

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