the charons

Sometimes its good to have an open mind and believe what others say, especially if your own heart believes that person.

Some stories are told because they should be told, without any hidden agenda.

This is such a story, some pages from my life to wake indians up, to remove the glasses of hypocrisy from their eyes and show them another side of real india, which may invade their world too, ignorance is not a bliss. Its a timebomb.


“What did daddy gave you?” Iti asked.

“These…” Titi showed her bangles, they were pretty.

“Let us keep them together, in my dressing table, you can wear mine, I will wear yours.” Iti offered.

A week later, “Didi can I wear your bangles?” Titi asked.

“No!” she answered.

“Then give mine.” Titi said.

“Yours what…?” Iti asked.

“My bangles!” Titi said.

“I don’t have your bangles, when did you gave them to me?” Iti looked at her meanly. Titi walked away, she knew complaining to parents will be futile, they will order her to obey elders and Iti will later settle her score for snitching.

ten years later:

“What did auntie gave you?” Iti asked, she was dark complexioned amongst two sisters, so the dresses they got were different and were meant for their complexions.

“This dress.” Titi showed her. “What did she gave you?”

“I will never wear it!” Iti threw her dress on the bed.

“You can take mine, I will take yours.” Titi said.

The exchange was done.

Well, Iti gave away the dress to her friend a month later without wearing it. Titi ended up with the dress meant for Iti, not at all suitable for her.



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