the charons

Sometimes its good to have an open mind and believe what others say, especially if your own heart believes that person.

Some stories are told because they should be told, without any hidden agenda.

This is such a story, some pages from my life to wake indians up, to remove the glasses of hypocrisy from their eyes and show them another side of real india, which may invade their world too, ignorance is not a bliss. Its a timebomb.


scene 1

“I will never pass…” she seemed miserable. They studied together in graduation, till she declared in the last minute that she wont be able to sit for the examination. She was very poor, could not afford a tutor, Mehul on the other hand wasted thousands of rupees on a worthless tutor, whose tuition fees was sky high but notes were full of mistakes, it was Mehul’s sheer dumb luck that saved her, being a skeptic she always tallied notes with books and discovered his disastrous lessons too late to save money but too early to save her academic results, so for months she has been preparing her notes, staying up almost all night.

“I can give you my notes.” she told her friend.

“Even then I wont pass this year Mehul.” she said, “I am not intelligent like you, but if you give them to me after you give exams I will try them next year.”

Mehul stood fourth in her class of 250 students.

She gave the notes to her friend, who used them for her exams next year and passed.

Scene 2

“You have fallen in love” her friend asked Mehul.

“Yes.” Mehul said, her heart was shattered to pieces because the guy was a rogue.

“Yeah, some people fall in love at old age, the final bite of the hormones…” she said.

the charons


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