still waiting ;)

I always knew! That my mindset does not fits with Indian, that is why my closest friends are mostly not Indians, actually the four persons who brought the faith on human beings, friendship and love back in my (almost dead heart) are not Indian 😉 two are American, one Mexican and fourth one Irish.

That is why I am not least surprised that none of my books have sold a SINGLE COPY IN INDIA, ha! I knew that all the time!!

I really don’t think my stories are for Indians, I cant blame them, I myself am more of a global reader and am more fond of global literature (forget about movies and music) so I cant expect my writing will be in the wavelength of Indian readers, I hate storyline of hindi movies, serials (most) so I guess if I read modern stories I wont be much fond of them, even though I love Bengali writers, especially the ones of golden era but there too, I love very rare modern writers, even in their case I love selected stories, not all, so I think I should bank on global readers not Indians.

After all, if I look at my readers who have bought my books till now I will see –

First place of-course goes to USA, Second UK and third Australia.

I will really love to know the first Indian buyer of my book (any one of them) 😉 if someone ultimately buys!

The flattering thing is some paperbacks are being sold now, most are being sold through extended networks, so I am not getting any royalty but still it feels good when someone thinks your books are good enough to be bought as paperbacks, that I assume is expression of desire to keep them for longest possible time.


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