too many incompetent cooks may poison the broth

That is what I think about some people who use internet for anything and everything, just because it is available.

Let me share three examples, first one was with the bank account, earlier these announcements did not reached everyone and less people were harassed ๐Ÿ˜‰

two, for quite a few months I have been trying two things, get some cotton cutpieces (not salwar suit pieces) at home through some online supplier, I have failed to get a single appropriate supplier, you should be surprised to see the places these searches take you to. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2.2 I have been trying to buy some plants online too, boy! you will try some of the online nurseries in India, they have email ids, phone numbers but they don’t bother to answer, if they do, then they say weird things, I stumbled upon one, looking for online nurseries in Hyderabad, even though I added Hyderabad it took me to a nursery in delhi, well, I discovered that delhi part later, but still I asked maybe they have a stall in Hyderabad or something for which their name was added in online nurseries of Hyderabad ๐Ÿ˜‰ they atleast answered, and said they may send plants to Hyderabad but there is no guarantee of their well-being, so why will I risk it???

the third one was beyond everything! when my password was botched up I tried the online forums, once upon a time geeks, nerds, computer experts used these forums, but now everyone is writing something.

Every single idiot was suggesting to use admin password to log into admin, if I have admin password why will I need to reset it by hacking? any ideas idiots? The tragic part was one of the Microsoft engineers was saying the same thing, well the person who he was addressing snapped and asked him why will he need help in resetting his admin password if he already knows it! boy!!! where is your brain buddies????

I have discovered a good suggestion, I will add the link of that post below, later, it will require installation knowledge and installation disk but ultimately allow you to reset your admin password if you have lost it.


4 thoughts on “too many incompetent cooks may poison the broth

    • I wont say that Charlie, except the problem with computer and bank, the rest are just part of every day life. I have been trying for the bank account for too long, its getting on my nerves a little, as for the internet, well, what can I say? it is beyond words! the latter is fixed for now, the former? well…

    • I don’t talk over phone, that part is mostly futile, I surf, browse forums even that has become a waste these days, people don’t read the question properly, or don’t bother about the question just answer.

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