priorities change with circumstances

Till the new millenium my dreams were simple, a loving husband, a daughter born of my own flesh, a respectable career and respected honest life, then i met devil and his minions and realized wherever i go they will surround my world.

Not only that they will ruin everything that matters to me, they won the initial war i won the final.

They made me know that i will be stalked by pedophiles, hookers and criminals hellbent to ruin me. So having a child, lover or husband was out of question, i never had one and most probably never will, cant say i am miserable for that. Actually i thank god that i dont have a lover, never had one, even though i sincerely tried and so did some men.if someone says that he is/was my lover he is a filthy liar and either lunatic or criminal. Better run!

In the end here i stand, absolutely happy and at peace after losing my four must dreams, i feel pity for those who envy me and tried to destroy me.


4 thoughts on “priorities change with circumstances

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