HONEYTRAP on its way to publishing.

Well I promised myself in 2000 that this story will be told, even if people dont believe it, it will ease my conscience. I have been working on it and have rewritten it, adding more reality to it, uploaded it, and it will be published real soon.

Just deciding the date and the name.

Any suggestions for name if you have read it?

Hope it will be a warning to trusting creatures like me (that I once was), a warning about hypocrits, ghouls that walk around feigning to be messiahs and destroy every innocent soul that wanders into their lair.

Or worse, force the ones they want into their lair by destroying every other path s/he might have taken. Their power and monstrosity in this country, and how fools and crooks help them to hide behind masks.

Hope the warning will reach some open minds.

Wish me luck on this ground.


2 thoughts on “HONEYTRAP on its way to publishing.

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