Sell my books!

Yeah you read it right! I am sick upto my teeth blowing my own trumpet! I will love to have someone selling my books so I can concentrate on writing.

The arrangement is simple, you will have to keep convincing track of your selling and we will discuss the commission- it will be purely commission basis. If I had money to play gamble I would have bought lottery tickets or paid the online marketing sites 😉

This is an honest offer. It is really dull for a writer to publicise own work, at-least it is for me, because I wrote for self enjoyment, never try to analyze them, or tried to sell them. Things have changed, if I am investing so much energy in publishing them naturally I will love to sell them too, so… I want someone to blow my trumpet and sell them.

Interested? write me a mail in after checking out the list in my writer profile and chalking out how will you keep an authentic track of your selling, so we can proceed to payment arrangement.

I will be so immensely happy to receive a genuine bookseller 🙂



8 thoughts on “Sell my books!

  1. If you want to write a brief bio on yourself and tell a little bit about your books i will be happy to promote you on my blog. no payment necessary, we are all here to help one another succeed. Namaste, sister

  2. I sympathise with you on the marketing front. I love writing, and have had one book published with another following fairly soon. The are issued with some publicity but in the long run it takes a lot of effort to get a book to flourish beyond the opening few weeks. I’ve certainly found the journey very disheartening

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