the magic wand for intothebardo

the little girl sat huddled in a corner,
watching the place with vacant eyes
where her home was
under the smoldering rubble
was the remain of her family
she was the only one that was not there
she was too little to understand
the big preaching of big men
that caused that bloody war
all she knew that she lost all that she had
and there was no one to care for her
and there was no one to share her pain
in this big, bleak world
she wished
just like Cinderella story
her fairy godmother will appear with wand
and all she will ask from her
a world without war

this little poem is for my favorite dream- a world where human beings will live a life of peace and harmony, with each other and with other living beings.

23 thoughts on “the magic wand for intothebardo

  1. I am with you on this issue of peace and harmony Sharmishtha. We are all tired of war and the atrocities that follow the war. Let’s pray for a peaceful world. Amen to your wishes and dreams my friend. Take care and God bless.

    • I truly loathe my current internet service provider, its disgusting! I have used it and loathed it but unfortunately it is the only one working here. My Vodafone datacard is dead!

      today its in its full glory! none of the blogs are opening barring one- Charles’s blog! this is why I love his blog- it atleast opens and allows comment in worst possible scenarios

      you are an observer, so you too must have noticed how much filth, anger, blood is spilled in name of religion every day, everywhere!

      When will human beings grow up and start acting like the “superior beings” they boast themselves to be?

  2. Though there is fighting all over the world, I can’t help but believe that the ‘great American Empire’ has encouraged and perpetuated war on nearly every corner of the earth. If not directly, then materially through weapons sales and so on… When that stops, and our focus turns to peace, we may have a chance to see what it looks like to live in peace.

    • I absolutely agree with you! A lot of countries are forced to keep their armory updated because of the two superpowers- USA and China and their empire building tendencies!

      Very rationally speaking this is the only reason I think that forces too many countries to stack weapons in place of feeding starving people.

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