always have a smile

always have a smile on your lips
even if your burdened heart
wont allow you to laugh
you can never tell
when sorrows will overpower you
and you will ache
for those moments when you had
the chance to smile.

always try to love
everything around you
if not one to one
then universally
for you never know
when darkness will come sneaking
and choke your lights for some time
or more
and you will ache for
a loving, caring heart
that beats in your body!

Sharmishtha basu

27 thoughts on “always have a smile

  1. How true this is! It is not until the darkness creeps up on us that we realise we should give thanks while we are able. Sometimes it is hard to see through the darkness and oh how we miss the joy when it is gone.

  2. Lovely words, beautifully expressed. It reminds me of Marcel Proust who said, ‘Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the gardeners who make our souls blossom’.

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