Carol You are an inspiration

Dear Carol,

You are a pillar of strength, a soul full of wisdom and humility. The beauty of your soul that reflected from each and every post made me a regular reader of your blog.

The beauty of your heart and soul humbles us, makes us count our blessings. When I think about all the pain you are going through now, and the courage and humility with which you are facing them I feel extreme pain and lucky to have you as a friend, inspiration.

I have learnt so much about bible, its beauty by reading your works. The way you explain Bible makes it beautiful and so full of love, hope.

Your poems are truly amazing because your beautiful loving soul pours through them.

Note: If you think it’s worth it please accept this humble gift and you are free to share it with your friends.


3 thoughts on “Carol You are an inspiration

  1. I don’t know who Carol is but I do know a lot about the bible. All generations of English speaking students up until this present century were brought up on the Bible both as a religious text and as a work of literature. The Bible stories are very colourful and, of course, the life and teachings of Jesus in the New Testament are coloutful, instructive and inspiring. It is one of the world’s great texts

  2. You are so kind to take time to prepare such a sweet tribute. I wish I felt worthy of your praises. I am like everyone else, like you. My poetry tells about Jesus. He is worthy of praise. I thank you again, my dear friend. Blessings to you, always…

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