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free soul 22.5.11

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This week’s poems:

Thursday Rally for Poets (which will be held once in every three weeks) @

That dream again

You came again
Your arms stretched
With love and promises
Commitment and respect
For the second time!

We live in two worlds,
Never met each other
Before your first visit
I never had yearned for you,
Or looked at you with passion!

What do these dreams tell us?
Sometimes they show us hope
Sometimes they show despair
A stranger holds us to love,
A friend turns away from us.

Are they premonition?
Or just simple outcomes!
Of the endless churning
Of hundred thousand passions
Through-out the day and night!

Sharmishtha basu

For Poetry Potluck @ the theme this week is “Sketches, Images, and Impressions”

The sketch

Those deep, dark eyes,
Soaked in mystery
Gazing back at us
A little sparkle
in each perfect iris.

Tight curls toppling down
As your finger rests
Lazily on the flute
Held close to your heart
I ache to read your thoughts.

Sharmishtha basu

For haiku heights @ the theme this week is “solitude”


fragrance of your soul
envelop your world, being
once in a while

Sharmishtha basu

For Sensational Haiku Wednesdays @ the theme this week is “anniversary”


years come and go,
I stitch the pearls together
Watch how they dazzle.

Sharmishtha basu

For Monday Morning Writing Prompt @ the theme this week


tangy unripe mangoes
lingering scorching summer
ready to pounce
May means bracing yourself

icecream trolleys
fruit juice
milkshakes and cold drinks
May means embracing chill.

sharmishtha basu


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18 thoughts on “free soul 22.5.11

  1. Come into Consciousness
    Conformity was cruel
    Awakened one liberated..Soul

    enjoy my Dearest Golden Lotus of God’s Love*(+) 😉

  2. These are just fantastic, Trisha. All of them meaningful and artfully stated.

    Your poem of a returning dream is haunting. Hard to know what it’s telling you but it stirs me too to wonder what is the meaning.


  3. The dream world is such an evocative and neat one – you captured that brilliantly, Trisha. All so beautiful – “The Sketch” is gorgeous!

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