Perfect Poet Award for week 40 n Truth & Peace 31.3.11

Thanks a lot (read it as million times) Jingle for this very much cherished award.

meet Jingle our priceless poetess and friend @

A big hug for you and the sweet person who nominated me. This week I will take a liberty, last time carol expressed her inability to accept the award so this time i will choose two persons, you can award both or the person who accepts it 🙂

You all are far better poet ( I am talking about everyone in our circle) than I am so i really face a lot of trouble in selecting one amongst you. I just lottery the entire list.



The Thursday Post and Thursday Blog for 10.3.11 are posted. Everyone is welcome to share his/her work in the comments section. It will be a great joy to read your works which you want to share.

These blogs are an attempt to share amongst us, this group of beautiful friends the things that move them- things they want to change or do not want to change in this earth. Things they want to share with friends who are looking for love and peace.

The participation has to be spontaneous, so shall be the reading of the gifts left by other friends.

Any one who is interested can leave his/her work’s url in the comments of the The Thursday Post or Thursday Blog.

Will love to see you there!

All the best!

The Thursday Post

Thursday Blog

11 thoughts on “Perfect Poet Award for week 40 n Truth & Peace 31.3.11

  1. Congratulations, Trisha, for a well-deserved award. I like all of them, but the one that says “hold the pen, sweet one,” I really like. Hold your pen, sweet one, and keep writing. Blessings to you…

  2. Congratulations,
    I think you’ll find you can easily stand your ground amongst the poets online.
    You seem to enjoy short, minimalist poems like haiku but that doesn’t make you any less a poet.
    I enjoy reading you work 😀

  3. Congratulations my Dearest Golden Lotus of God’s Love…I am always inspired from you….you made me an author and I thank you very much…the book a Tree becomes a Soul is Now being published and if it was not for you inspiring me to continue with my poetry it would have never happened…remember I used your name in the book as soon as I get a copy I will hand sign it for you and send it to as well…enjoy Love as I always Love you(+)

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