Free Soul 28.3.11

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Thursday Rally for Poets (which will be held once in every three weeks) @

the nest

So you have stirred up the nest
the lair of devil’s owns
be prepared for the aftershock
soon they will swarm yours.

First they will cry foul
then they will say you lie
will try to prove you vile
if that fails, well you are senile.

They will act in cahoots
one watching the other’s back
one supporting the other’s deeds
and supporting every thing he does.

Wonder when the children of God
will learn to hold each other’s hands
to watch each other’s back and words
with the conviction of devil’s owns.

Sharmishtha basu

For Poetry Potluck @ the theme this week is trips, travels and vacation

lottery trip

“honk honk!!” the horn called out,
I jumped out of bed,
the silver white bus was waiting,
right outside my window.

Two elves, beautiful, graceful,
greeted me as they seated me,
right beside the window
was my soft, velvety seat.

The bus had no roof, or glass one,
I could see the dazzling stars
as it headed straight for moon,
on my “lottery” vacation.

“We will land in moon in a minute,
please fasten your seatbelts.”
chimed out a sweet voice
as we prepared to descend.

“Please don’t collect any thing,
don’t pluck flowers, fruits,
they will turn to dust
when you will return to earth.”

The voice on the intercom
softly gave us all directions
before the doors opened
and we descended on moon.”

We returned early in the morn,
after spending the night,
with beautiful fairies, graceful elves,
trees of silver with golden leaves.

Rivers of sapphire ran through moon,
losing itself in an emerald see,
fairies swung from star to star,
sprinkling us with magic shower.

sweetest fruits and nectar was served,
for our regal lunch and dinner,
they hugged and kissed us goodbye,
that fragrance still in soul lingers.

Sharmishtha basu

For haiku heights @ the theme this week is “hush”


Sharmishtha basu

For Sensational Haiku Wednesdays @ the theme this week is “paradox”


Sharmishtha basu

paradox means a sentence which will sound self contradictory but is not in contradiction with truth (oxford dictionary).

For Monday Morning Writing Prompt @ the theme this week “full circle”.

eager to love

born in wrong world,
an ordinary being,
too eager to love,
love- hoping for love.

Shunned almost everywhere,
people look for
“profitable relationships”
not love.

Bitterness engulfed after years,
but one day he realized
the love he thought was wasted
was not wasted at all.

The Mother who watched him
all through the years
stored that love inside him
made him love’s reservoir.

41 thoughts on “Free Soul 28.3.11

  1. Simply Beautiful words Sarmishtha!
    Very very dreamy..

    The 1st one was intense n thought provoking- kudos..

    The Haikus very delightful n powerful (respectively)

    Stopping by after a long while- will try to do it more often.. 😦 (I am a slacker)
    Hugs xoxox

  2. hi Trisha– so much to think about here! Your first poem is a great Trisha-philosophy piece– love your thinking! The second is a wonderful dream– so free and playful. And the haiku are fun as well. Congrats on all your great ideas!

  3. From top to bottom, a wonderful post chock full of rich nuggets. I have to say thought the last piece hits home. I think people everywhere hold this sentiment in common these days … it’s a universal issue, which does not speak well of us as spiritual beings.

  4. Each piece was a magnificent creation! I especially reveled in “Hush” though “The Nest” was a very close second in wicked enjoyment

  5. Hi, Trisha!

    It’s nice to read again your collection here. I love the last paragraph of “The Nest” … a pointed speculation, eh? I wonder when too.

    Thank you for visiting us today at “Into the Bardo” a new blog I’m doing in collaboration with my friends Rob and Ann. Much appreciated.


  6. This is a post that is chock full of food for thought. I really like you acknowledgement of your sweet muses as it introduces me to poets I haven’t yet visited. Thank you, Trisha.

  7. From the devil’s lair to sleeping babes–all wonderfully presented. I loved your Lottery Trip to the moon–magical and filled with wonderment.

    And look at that charming bedroom scene you painted of the sleeping child with dreams of a moon “walk” straight from his bed.

    You are a seeming reservoir of endless creativity–I’m in awe.

  8. “The Nest” is a fabulous poem, Trisha, and rings with truth. Why does evil seem so much more organzied and collective? You’ve given much food for thought.

    And who wouldn’t want to win a lottery like that? What a voyage that would be!

  9. Beautifully written as always. My favorite is “The Nest”, especially the last paragraph. To see the children of God holding each others hands would be wonderful. Have a blessed week 🙂

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