Free Soul 21.3.11, Truth & Peace 24.3.11

The Thursday Post and Thursday Blog for 24.3.11 are posted. Everyone is welcome to share his/her work in the comments section. It will be a great joy to read your works which you want to share.

These blogs are an attempt to share amongst us, this group of beautiful friends the things that move them- things they want to change or do not want to change in this earth. Things they want to share with friends who are looking for love and peace.

The participation has to be spontaneous, so shall be the reading of the gifts left by other friends.

Any one who is interested can leave his/her work’s URL in the comments of The Thursday Post or Thursday Blog.

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All the best!

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The earlier poems are in the page above.

Today’s post is for:

Thursday Rally for Poets (which will be held once in every three weeks) @

Let him be

Let him be
You were not there
When he was toiling
Inching his way to top.

his tired legs dragging
his tired body and mind
Toward his golden gate
You were then sleeping in bed.

Then he reached the gate
Throne was laid out for him
The crown adorned his forehead
You were standing in crowd.

Heart full of jealousy
But your hands clapped.
Then he stumbled and fell
Landed far below you.

You did not helped him up
You laughed and taunted
Prayed in your heart
That he never gets out.

Let him be, you should
For you were not there
To build his throne
You shant dig his grave.

Sharmishtha basu

For Poetry Potluck @ the theme this week is Lies, deception and misrepresentation

he called it vengeance,
an action to mete out justice,
to punish a wrong-doer,
for the evils he has done.

it was all lie, deception,
a cunning misrepresentation,
never for once he admitted,
he was punishing an innocent.

Under the façade of justice,
a greedy family looking for throne,
hounded and destroyed an innocent,
telling everyone his blood is bad.

“His father was a tyrant!”
“he ruined us, stripped us off our soul!”
It was truly sad no one saw through
that grimy tale of misrepresentation.

Sharmishtha basu

For haiku heights @ the theme this week is “command”

Thanks Nanka for the inspiration on the theme. I am happy that I stumbled into your blog before thinking about writing any haiku for this week.

For Sensational Haiku Wednesdays @ the theme this week is “roots”

For Monday Morning Writing Prompt @ the theme this week “spring”.

Spring (Basanta)

peacock flowers in burning red,
gulmohars have set the tree tops on fire,
flames of flamboyant fly in air,
spring settles down in India.

asoka, the flame of forest
decorates the leafless branches,
eyes that has seen that beauty,
muse that they don’t miss the leaves.

Just like small suns, they deck up,
leafless bare trees of Asoka,
as if the tree truly is in flames,
imagine an entire forest of them.

that burning red touches the hearts,
the king of seasons rituraj basant,
slowly settles down in hearts
displays itself in holi colours.

the festival of colours to rhythm with,
the riot of colour in nature,
the whole world gets painted
in colours, beauty and cheers.

the flames in trees indicate
scorching summer looming in horizon,
till then relish the beauty
the flames without scorching fire.

12 thoughts on “Free Soul 21.3.11, Truth & Peace 24.3.11

  1. this post was a feastr with all the verse…i really like the first one about not building the throne so dont dig the grave…wise…and music becoming the slave to the musician…very nice trisha…

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