Free Soul 28th Feb 2011

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Thursday Rally for Poets (which will be held once in every three weeks, and is being held this week 17-24th Feb) @

evil echo

there I was standing
on the top of the mountain
luscious green waves of grass
rolled down its body
like the drapes of a curtain
a marble white temple
stood right beside me
down all the way to the valley
and in the valley itself
ruby poppies burnt bright
setting the grass on fire.

“Oh what a sight!
It seems, someone scattered
all the rubies of an emperor
to applaud this beautiful sight!”
“Those are not rubies Missus!”
was my sweet guide’s solemn reply.
the hazel eyes of the young boy
were reflecting a beautiful light
a light of love and deep pain.
“Why did you say that?” I asked
“please explain my dear lad!”

“This temple was once abode
of a great sage and his daughter,
she was as beautiful as a lotus,
blooming in the morning sun,
a prince was riding by
he fell in love with the lady shy,
they exchanged their hearts and vow,
he rode back to his kingdom,
on his way a witch saw him
the beautiful sorcerer fell for him
she stopped him and tried to win him.”

“He begged her to let him go
as his heart was not his any more.
she tried to bewitch him, love won
furious in rage she turned him blind
the hapless lover stumbled back
his lover he never knew was chained
in the temple by another spell,
he called out to her, she replied
come this way my love! I am here!
The evil echo suppressed her words,
lead the hapless lover to his fall!”

“He heard her echo ringing from hills,
mimicking her choked voice, I am here! I am here!
When the maiden knew her lover’s fate
she too followed his way
the whole hill got covered by poppies
no thing can wipe these flowers out
wind, rain, frost or snow
no matter how mercilessly they batter
these flowers bloom here forever
to show us the path, the place
where two loving hearts shattered.”

Sharmishtha basu

For Poetry Potluck @ the theme this week is “Cartoon, sci-fi and super powers”

the world was quiet
I asleep
my comics book on the desk
started to flutter on its own
I jumped out of bed
ran to the door- could not move it
even an inch.

the pages stopped
Flash Gordon stepped out
five inches tall
looked straight at me
he zapped his gun
I ducked for cover
Lo! I was not his target!

A scary alien
dropped dead from the place
above my curtains
his hiding den.
Flash flashed a smile at me
holstered his gun
stepped back in the book.

I ran to the desk
there he was
a figure in colour
staring back at me
I rubbed my eyes hard, nudged him
he did not moved an inch
disappointed, I went back to bed.

For haiku heights @ the theme this week is “Mirage”

it looked so soothing,
calm, cool, serene, refreshing
vanished as mirage.

For Sensational Haiku Wednesdays @ the theme this week is “fantasy”

invisible wings
endless universe to see
open third eye

For Monday Morning Writing Prompt @ the theme this week

birth and death

a new being
takes birth inside us all
the old one dies

14 thoughts on “Free Soul 28th Feb 2011

  1. Trisha, I loved “Evil Echo” – it was such a sad and beautiful love story.

    And the characters coming to life in the comic book poem – how neat was that. The alien falling from the curtains – Flash being such a great shot. What a delight this poem was!

    Your haiku are lovely and so thoughtful.

    • i love superheroes 🙂 their exceptional capabilities always enchant me.

      evil echo – sometimes the things that are apparent are not really so.

  2. hahahah.. LOVED and really your potluck poem, Trisha!! It was super cute!! Flash and you are good friends, I can tell!! 😉
    I almost WISH my Tweety doll came to life…it stares at me everyday!! And all I do is stare back!! If it were alive, I would feed it and play with it..and follow it wherever it flew.. and yes, I would keep Sylvester outta my house! 🙂

  3. Evil echo, masterful. 🙂

    Do you believe that some are destined to love? I was thinking about Heathcliff and Katherine from Wuthering Heights while reading this; it reminded me about their love.

  4. Bravo, Trisha. What a wanderful collection. Sitting here with big Good Morning smiles. The Rally poem is a wonderful old-fashioned fairtale. The poetry potluck takes me back to my childhood with Flash Gorden. And the art and the haiku (especially enjoyed) are perfectly beautiful. Little chuckles here and there. Perfect post. Thank you! Enjoyed very much. Hugs!

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