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Free Soul 20th jan 2011

The earlier poems are in the page above.

For SENSATIONAL HAIKU WEDNESDAYS @ the theme this week is “Transition”

For Monday Morning Writing Prompt @ the theme this week is “Grieving”:


it struck all of a sudden
it came out of nowhere
snatched away that sunshine
that sweetest ball of hair.

I believe the fault was mine
I forgot you were bound to go
your time will come before mine
you will have to leave me and go.

oh how I was afraid to see
places where you snuggled up
those blank places used to bite me
I thought that gap wont fill up.

I could feel you snuggle up against me
in the dark of night, in my bed
so many times you haunted me
I just could not wipe you out of my head.

its been a decade since you are gone
somehow my heart says to me
tonight you will not be gone
you will be in my dreams for me.

Sharmishtha basu
24 .1.11

For Poetry Potluck @ the theme this week is “Rules and regulations”

wild wind blows free

wild wind gushes
wild and free happily
don’t try to stop
let her blow freely.

she does not exists
in confinement of walls
her very being resists
Suffocation of boundary walls.

let her dance all around us
spread her spontaneous vivacity
across the ocean and nations
across the villages and city.

let her dance with the trees
let her waltz with mountain high
swirl and tug the veil of waterfalls
tease the daisies and roses shy.

Sharmishtha basu

For haiku heights


tabooed love, lovely eyes
temptation too strong to shun
heart sways towards sin

Sharmishtha basu

Today’s post is for good, old Thursday Rally for poets held at Jingle’s @

under the moon silver (first rondeau)

under the moon silver we wait
for our mate who is too late
the crow starts to stir in its sleep
the soft dew drops as heaven weep
we start to lose patience in wait
oh why is he so much late!
how much longer shall we wait!
the crease on your brow gets deep
under the moon.
ah the ebony turns to slate
no more are we going to wait
let him pay for his careless sleep
let him complain and let him weep
let him groan and let him too wait
under the moon!

sharmishtha basu


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85 thoughts on “Free Soul 20th jan 2011

  1. Is there patience in love?

    I’ve always asked the question, What’s in our waiting?

    Looked up the definition of a rondeau, not bad. This poem gives me a feeling of a trot, as if moving along with the movement (gait) of the words.

    1. There is no patience in love, it may be loyal but when it waits for lover….. 🙂
      patience is seen nowhere around.

      have to do a lot of brushing up in form poetry to satisfy me. 🙂

  2. Engaging verse about a spirited damsel waiting on a careless suitor. Ha! I like her decision to turn the waiting to him. Entertaining story in poetry. Blessings to you, Trisha…

    1. I believe that comment was meant for another post.

      How ambitious this was, so many memes and challenges in one post. Wow! And each response is well-wrought and closely considered. I love them all – as they say, What’s not to love? – but I think I hold the haiku dearest.

      Thank you for so much to treasure …

  3. I’m so impressed with you learning so many new forms, Trisha. I remember the days when you were loathe to try even a haiku. You are blossoming beautifully!

    Wonderful rondeau–waiting under the moon.

    I’ve not tried this one yet. (((hugs)))

  4. Love all these, Trisha. Your Misha poem tugged at my own heart because I know how much she meant to you. Beautiful tribute to such a beloved friend.

    You expressed the path of the wild winds so well. I could feel them swirling around mountain tops and the lowly earth. They are so free and happy!

    Your sin haiku says much in few words. Sometimes temptation wins.

  5. All of these so wonderful, my friend. The first one…it’s so hard to lose a beloved pet. My whole life I’ve worked with death, lost loved ones as well and I have to confess, when we’ve lost our dogs I cry harder than ever…as though all the deaths I’ve witnessed were rolled up into that little ball of furr. Perhaps because they are so dependent on us. And the wind…so free. Loved them all. Thanks for taking part in the prompt. Could I appropriate the “Monday Morning Writing Prompt” thingy you created (if I can figure out how)? I would have no idea how to create my own. I will give you credit.

    1. my life is other way round, i rarely lost anyone to death. i believe their unconditional love and dependence makes dogs a too dear part of our lives. they really tear away a part of us when they go.

  6. ‘under the moon silver’ won my heart here although all verses are great. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your poetic soul, Trisha. 🙂

  7. My potluck entry is #67
    Thank you so much for attempting to comment but I think everyone is having this problem right now 🙂 on all blogs. I keep trying at different times and sometimes it is very free..Disqus fails to load at times. I I have no settings to not accept comments from anyone. 🙂 Thank you Trisha, once again!! 🙂

    Loved the poem dedicated to your little fur ball..a pet cat…:) and it is always better to get another before it is time for one to go…else the feeling is exactly the way you have beautifully put in your touching poem. 🙂

    1. thanks a lot. it was a beautiful poem, i was able to read it but closed the window accidentally.

      she was my pet spitz, i believe we get lot more attached with dogs than we do with cats.

      this is a very wise idea, if i ever get a dog as pet i will sure buy another one three or four years later.

      1. you are right, i tried yesterday the disqus did not opened, then in evening i tried to open Brian’s blog for five or six times it did not opened at all.

  8. thanks for introducing me to the new form .. must try soon .. didn’t know poetry rally is open !!

    Lovely haikus..
    And the poem “wild winds go free” just won my heart :)) don’t we all wish to dance with such winds 😉

  9. Came to read your Potluck entry fr a second time, still like it, still haiku is the one for my heart 🙂 Thanks for visiting me Trisha!

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