Free soul

Free soul


white starlight
messenger of divine
liberation of souls

Sharmishtha basu

For Poetry Potluck dated 27.12.10 (Monday)

Changing colours

changing colours of festivals
early memories
when festival meant celebration
happiness, fun, new dresses
gifts, crackers and treats
waiting all the year
for the hand-counted minutes.

slowly enjoyment takes backseat
spiritualism seeps in
crackers are replaced by hymns
fun, cheer and laughter watches
while deep sense of peace wins

then comes those days
when only the sense of well being
company of divine reins
all other feelings simmer down
festival becomes union with divine.

a satisfied soul sits with a smile
watches others enjoying things it did.

Sharmishtha basu

We (Amanda and Kavita) are as pleased as ever to welcome you here This week, the theme is festivals and celebrations

For Monday Morning Writing Prompts dated 27.12.10 (Monday)

This one is a new addition, its held at :

This weeks theme is Shardoma, check it out at:

vivid dreams

a lovely
dream comes true vividly
spreading hue
colours blue
red, pink, mauve and rainbow hues
soared in meadow green

Sharmishtha basu

another gift from victoria’s blog, Sensational Haiku Wednesday which is held at :

Thanks a lot Gayle ( and Victoria for gifting me with Haiku addiction.

Sensational haiku Wednesday
This week (29.12.10): frost

For Thursday Rally for Poets dated 30.12.10 (Thursday)


Only God in heaven

The melodious strain emitting
from the hearts of human beings
in the form of carol, azan or hymns
flow like rivers of love
demolishing each and every barrier
to reach the deep, tranquil ocean
called by millions of names
some are God, Allah or Khuda.
Let every festival make our souls
reach out for that deep ocean
splashing in our very souls
embrace it with love and gratitude
for blessing us with so many colours
so many ways of remembering, loving
the only one God above in heaven.

Sharmishtha basu
27 .12.10

418 thoughts on “Free soul

  1. These are both beautiful and tranquil poems. And I was especially taken by your picture of the bird. Your blog is a place of repose that you have created. be nourished by it, Trisha!

  2. you are so sweet….

    no need to visit everyone at all, click on the names, you will find some poets, only comment for those who you wish to comment, many are from wordpress,

    u r so sweet….
    I can link this post to our potluck for you if you agree, so that others read your post, …

    otherwise, not many people know what you do.

  3. u r an outstanding creator….

    love the images,
    your words perfectly match them…

    I am sorry I am too busy with management, barely spend time writing more quality poetry…

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  5. Lovely poems expressing honest sentiment and lovely illustration, especially the bird. Always a moment of peace here. Most welcome moment, by the way.

    Fitting and deserved homage given to our Jingle. And thanks so much for posting all of her sites. I’ve been try to get them straight … 🙂

    Happy potluck however you handle it and thank you for sharing your fine talents …

  6. Thanks to Marilynn’s post, I have discovered your creative post. Congrats on creating the artwork and the written submissions. And congrats on your gracious and respect-worthy free-soul.

  7. Thank you for linking these amazing poems with poetry potluck, Trisha!
    I agree with you..sometimes, reading all our fine poets’ works may seem an impossible task… so, that’s okay… visits are always appreciated, but then again, there’s never any fun in forcing visits… hehehe.. how pointless is that! No?
    We hope you are having a great time at the potluck… and yes, Ji totally ROCKS!!! 😀

    Really enjoyed your poems here…
    “Bedazzled” had a fresh and enchanting appeal to it… loved the dreamy part where you mention about watching the sun go from white to gold, and the sky go from blue to crimson… it was absolutely beautiful!!!

    • most of the poets in jingle’s rally are extremely talented, so i have spent the first few months visiting all of them.

      then i selected some of them and had to let the others go for two reasons, first, its better to maintain a few selected friends.

      second, as jingle herself feels, so much time dedicated to blogs of others means almost no time left for oneself.

      I was feeling quite out of touch with my muse. apart from that my kittens keep me quite occupied these days.

      one of them is sleeping partially on the keyboard right now 🙂

      i am waiting for the moment he will get up, yawn, stretch and step on the power key 🙂

  8. I used to think that when the sun sets, it went in the water, but now I know better.

    Trisha, this is grandiose!!!!! 🙂

    Your talent is priceless.

    So many blogs to read and not enough time or energy.

    • i have two paintings by boucher in a book- one of my hot favourite painters, in one apollo goes to sleep in the arms of the sea nymphs and in the other he wakes up from their bed.

      i just love those two pictures. whenever i think of sunset ever since that pic swims in front of my eyes.

  9. wooowww….!!!
    lovely poems trisha 😀
    loved them all 😀
    and how can Ji be mad at you.. how can anyone be mad at you at all 🙂

    ur brilliant wen it comes to poetry 😀

  10. What a soulful one- I relate to it well.. I too lead an indifferent life- with an occasional mingling with girlfriends.. The love stays forever indeed- But I so happen to be a free soul..
    Lovies Sweetheart

  11. freedom is the greatest thing in world, it can be compromised for only one thing (not sacrificed) true love.

    i love my freedom+peace more than any thing else.

    thanks for the sweet compliment.

    • Always welcome Trish Darls.. Ever since you have come at my blog- you have been brightening my posts with wonderful words- alas!! I am such a slacker- 😦

      Loads of Love to you My Dear.. mwaah xx

  12. I loved your poem of how souls join together in this life with all the blendings of voices, colors, etc. And your gentle poem of reaching out to friends touched my heart deeply…

    Lovely as always, Trisha.

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    • i already read about twenty blogs each day (selected ones) and relish them, but i think you are right, i will squeeze one or two more so i can increase my selection. 🙂

      thanks a lot for the beautiful suggestion.

  15. Beautiful and interesting poems you’ve got posted here, Trish…I always enjoy my visits here…you poems stem from places that only a beautiful dreamer goes…have a great sunday.

    p.s I dedicated my recent poem to you.


  16. i love the one called Free Soul.. 🙂 i feel that way too sometimes, that even though it is amazing to belong to somebody, it’s also very liberating to be on your own.. 🙂

    • actually windows was being updated on sunday (it took the whold day). and after that every thing has become really, reallly slow, constantly reminding me of intent days 🙂 LOL

      to add up i was watching movies yesterday.

      have a beautiful week ahead.

    • good news is this problem is about to linger till january or february 😦
      i will have to be easy with my surfing till then.

      any way, am quite habituated with being deprived from the joy.

      • Happy to hear that. Now, have read those three poems for potluck–poetry seems to flow out of you effortlessly. You are such an inspiration!

      • i think there is nothing called “glitch free” in the life of a saturnian, 🙂 one thing after another pops up, any way, i love tackling waves.

        i will have to neglect our communication in mycybernovels a bit, but i will be updating it as regularly as i can.

      • I know you love tackling waves and finding solutions. I will look for your postings over there in mycybernovels whenever you get time. Don’t worry about it. Happy Monday to you! 🙂

      • posting will most probably be regular for a few days. 🙂

        hope you will enjoy a brief visit to the durgapuja of an orthodox bengali family.

  17. Hope that you find time returning favors to those poets who are here and using wordpress blogs…
    I value your kindness and unbeatable contribution.
    Happy Tuesday!

  18. Trisha – your poems are beautiful and real. I especially connected with Free Soul. Thanks for visiting me it brought me here. It sounds as if you don’t go to blogger but if you do I have build a blog there that I’m putting most of my work on.

    take care darling 🙂

    • i must have visited your wordpress blog, i am trying my luck on blogspot blogs since yesterday and its working wonder.

      i certainly will visit your blogspot blog and try my luck.

      thanks for the swee, kind compliment.

      freedom is my life breath.

    • thanks a lot tekia. this post will be changing every week (hopefully).
      i am happy that you liked the earlier one. hope this one will touch your heart too.

    • call me a fool if you want (please dont) till date i thought that all your blogs are accessible only when i am logged in.

      a new reader showed me the tricks, his blog is accessible to everyone, so i crossed my heart and checked your blogs all of you are accessible to everyone and i wasted so many months 😦

      you will be seeing me regularly again.

      blogspot is still not allowing me to open two blogs together when i myself am logged in.

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  20. I loved your poems – the one of freedom – especially to be free of pain and how true that it takes tender loving care to keep the illumination alive. I’ve know a few Binkys in my day!

    • its easy to start a thing, its touch to keep it going. Binky is quite a common specimen i think. a sad form of human beings and sometimes human monster.

    Greetings, friend!!
    It is Monday, I sincerely invite you to join us for a Monday Poetry Potluck party, bring in 1 to 3 poem treats to share, and have fun tasting other poets treats.
    You will have 60 hours enjoying the fun.
    Hurry up, the more you share, the happier we are.
    Hope to see you in our party, hurry up, the earlier you are in, the more traffic you get…
    to link in, click on the link via this comment, then look at the blue link button at the end of the post, click on the button, have your poem link copy and pasted in the first box, then enter your name, at last your email address…let us know if you need help by leaving a comment under the same post…

  22. Trisha, your art for poetry potluck is divine,
    I am speechless, wow…

    what a masterful piece.
    you never fail to impress me….
    love the spirits and everything in it.

  23. Love all 3 poems, trisha. Easy and Tough was my favorite. Wow, tremendous poetry post. You must me feeling the flow of words. Excellent 🙂

  24. Your poetry is beautiful as is your free spirit. I think it’s important to respect yourself and not wear out reading more poems than you have time or energy for. Better to read a few in depth than many and just skim them. Much better to take the time for your own writing. Enjoy the moment. Thanks for reading my poetry but don’t feel compelled…be free!

    • thanks a lot victoria. you truly are a very sweet person. i too dont visit others with the hope that they will visit me back. i visit the blogs i love to read. and freely- by freely i mean when i am in the mood for reading.

      poems are to be felt, thats why i do it at leisure. a few at a time, or on the days i am in mood i surf a lot of blogs at a time. 🙂

  25. Hey Trish…I like the free soul poem…It’s better to fly with pain freely, than to be in bondage with no pain because in reality, the pain in bondage supersedes all pains associated with freedom.

    Nicely done…cheers!

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    • i am glad that you liked it and linked it. i will certainly try to visit the blogs, like i have last week, but i did not mentioned it to you because i will try it but i cant promise it. i visited 18 poets last week from your list.

      this week too i will pick up 18 and definitely will try visiting them.

      you rock dear lady! Keep shining!

    • thanks a lot shashi. i visited your blog yesterday your works are superb but i could not post a comment because being “logged in” is essential in your blog. i cant surf while i am logged in in my own account, i have to do it from outside- my computer becomes zombie the moment i get logged in.

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    • you can become positive if you want, but usually this positive attitude comes with a little age. you are too young. When i was in my twenties i was hyper emotional- like almost all bengali girls. With maturity wisdom settled down. And you know, the more you grow old by age the more you realize how short our stay is…..

      thanks for the honour. I will check it. I am happy that you are regularly posting again

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    • thanks a lot olivia. I did not wanted him to get any false impressions. After all, if a person compliments you under a false impression he does not compliments you, he compliments his illusion 🙂

  30. I loved all three of these poems. Your new haiku is superb with a sweet painting to go with it.

    Moon and sky was so beautifully illustrated–the sadness that the sky has for its beloved when it is no longer there with it.

    And a wonderful twist in your “sin” poem where you put the focus on aligning yourself with the virtues rather than worrying about your sins. Lovely.

    • i have spent so many years blaming myself for every petty mistakes i have done 🙂

      if we blindly religious then almost every thing which we do can be called a sin. starting from stealing pickle from the jar.

      so i decided after a while that no use counting sins, better do good things and balance them. ha ha.

      • I think i will start a page where i will keep the free soul’s old poems date wise. 🙂

        any way, here it is:
        moon and sky

        Old moon rises in sky dark blue,
        Stars show up one and two;
        A silver crescent on azure hue,
        Glittering diamonds twinkle too;
        Every night but one it glows,
        Just one night in month it sleeps;
        So many shapes it takes and shows,
        On moonless night the sky weeps;
        Missing her constant companion,
        Her tears drop as crystal dew;
        Aching for the reunion,
        Moon shows up fresh and new;
        This happens once in thirty day,
        They stay away for just one day.

      • Thanks for letting me read it again. No, it’s not childish–at least not to my thinking–it’s beautiful and well written.

        Lots of love for you today…

        And a big (((hug)))!

      • may be it reminded me of twinkle twinkle little star- the nursery rhyme 🙂
        thanks a lot for saying it did not sounded childish to you (it still sounds childish to me ha ha).

        lots of love.

      • I was deprived of net services yesterday, i could not visit your blog- it has become an addiction to me. to say hi to you and quite a lot of my friends everyday.

      • Oh, sorry to hear of your internet service trouble. I do enjoy you and I saying hi each day–I look forward to it. 🙂

        I love and appreciate you…

      • hmph! you were not in your blog today, i went there and noted that you were last there on 20th.

        our friendship is really a strong addiction. 🙂

      • I was there yesterday, 21st, as well–somehow you missed me. I responded to some comments made in my blog yesterday and thought I had left comments here on yours too and was on very early this morning (woke up too early) and responded to more comments and then checked Facebook where I spoke with Tamasin and Soulbro first thing.

        Tamasin loves that silly witch poem and wanted my permission to share it with a chat magazine (not sure what that is) and another site she likes. I said sure, go ahead. 🙂

        I feel the same way when you have gone missing. 🙂

  31. I love the positive spin on switching the 7 virtues for the 7 sins… we should all heed this advice… also the moon poem…so sweet when she is missed the night taht she does not shine… lovely. 🙂 heartspell

  32. I love the positive spin on switching the 7 virtues for the 7 sins… we should all heed this advice… also the moon poem…so sweet when she is missed the night that she does not shine… lovely. 🙂 heartspell

  33. Sometimes some people have overactive consciences, others are mislead because they lack truth, and some are preyed upon when it comes to people knowing what’s a sin from not.

    Cult leaders are powerful that way.

    Super busy right now, so won’t be here as much.

    So let me wish you a happy weekend. My regards to Mr. Pixie. 🙂

    • as long as you keep updating your blog i will be fine. I will know that you are ok and happy.

      have a fabulous weekend. your regards will be conveyed, what about the other ones? trixie, dottie and brownie?


    Thanks a lot for the support to Jingle Poetry Potluck, I could not always find time to show how much we appreciate your support, here, three awards for you, hope to see you in of week 7, our theme is love and romance. Happy Monday, Happy Blogging! xxx

    you try to link in yourself, I have done many times, most of the time, the link got stock….

    anyway. No obligation.
    thanks for the creation of arts for us.
    u rock.

  35. I am so happy to be here on your page..Trisha.. perhaps my first visit.. loved your poetry/ haikus.. what i liked in you is talking about sky, moon, favourites.. love to chat with them and write about them.. it would be interesting to see you visiting my page.. feedback does help.. I have put four entried for Potluck.. fourth one is specific for the theme..

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      • Dear Sharmishtha

        Ok, let me confess, I dont like to write about Ghost, Ghouls, witches, vampires etc actually, but since it was hallow’s eve and I had to do some justice to it, I made some modern verses about Halloween. But I still feel that you did an apt job about it. You have nice flow and vivid image there.

        ॐ नमः शिवाय
        Om Namah Shivaya

      • Thanks shashi. you are truly nice. I have read this poem a dozen times still i am just not satisfied with it. i just posted it for the sake of posting it. 🙂

        i love to read and write spooky stories and poems.

        may be i will write a better one next halloween. somehow the feeling just did not touched my heart, and i cant write a thing unless i feel it clearly.

        thanks again. you and olivia atleast soothed my sulking mind.

  37. Trisha Darling- what a superb presentations of the Ghoulish theme..
    HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWL.. I do that to express pleasure. haha
    Mind blowing job done- wonderful.. 🙂
    Love xoxox

  38. Trisha, how did I miss these poems? I loved your Halloween poem–although I see that you did not! Also, LOVED your drawing/painting to go with it! Wonderful!

    Sweet simple poem on Golden birds to fly on to kiss the silvery moon…

    Now, it’s become a bit tricky to comment–we have to scroll way down here to comment on a few of your posts.

    Your Swan poem for the rally is wonderful–I see the transformation. 🙂

  39. I will put up a fresh free soul post on 1st January 🙂

    I really did not liked the halloween poem at all. it just did not clicked.

    you are a lovely, adorable friend. thanks.

    • So do you. I wrote that haiku just after you asked, i have tucked them away but you made me go look for them again.

      and not only in my creations, in my spiritual, intellectual side too. The discussions we have every day make me think about thing which i have forgotten, beautiful things.

      a friend like you is rare to have, and have a mutual friehdship with a friend like you is a true blessing.

  40. I’m glad you went and looked for them and posted that lovely haiku. Thank you for doing that.

    I too have gained so much through our many discussions on so many subjects. I’m so happy to be able to share with you–a kindred spirit.

    I’m truly blessed to have been able to bring to you some thoughts of forgotten, beautiful things. And feel equally blessed to have you as a rare and trustworthy friend.

    You are a treasure to my life.

  41. I wonder if I have half as positive effect on you as you have on me. You and some of my friends here, like back in intent are giving me the strength to share all my experiments, feelings with you all, like those paintings on paintbrush. I never thought I will share my creations openly.

    you too are a irreplaceable friend to me. A true friend.

    • Yes, you have had a very positive effect on me. You advised me on my dilemma with moving back here with Tom–remember that? You invited me to join this poetry group that helped me meet nice people and expanded my readership. You’ve been a constant source of positive support and friendship from the moment I met you. I was immediately attracted to you on Intent. Such a bright light of talent and an open and very giving nature–yet very honest and authentic too.

      You’re my kind of friend.

      I’m so glad that you feel comfortable enough to share yourself with us all–because it adds so much to our lives. You are so loved and appreciated.

      Love you very much…

      • I too feel the same about you. You are the type of friend I have been looking for after realizing reality.

        I was dead confident that i wont find one and you dropped out of blue.

        Thanks for that.

        It means too much to me.

      • Thats the main reason why our friendship got deeper with every pasing day. Because we not only resemble each other, we need each other and value each other’s presence.

        thats what is called a true blessing.

      • Yes, I believe you’re right. I saw someone in you that really aligned with who I am–we understand each other very well and seem to have a lot in common in spite of us living on opposite sides of the world. I do feel very close to your culture as well–as you know.

        We sure do value each other very much. I’m so happy about that.

        It has been a true blessing for us both.

      • well, our soul bonding says one more thing, all human beings are children of same God. We dont have too much difference in our cores, no matter what religion we follow, what culture we belong to. 🙂

        We live in two ends of world and yet we have so much in common.

        lots of love.

      • Yes, that’s exactly what it says. If only all people could recognize that we have more in common than not.

        Just think how much more peaceful the planet would be.

        Lots of love.

      • Thats the thing i noted in intent with great joy, how we people of every religion shared the same views. We were from all corners of the world yet our mentalities matched so very much.

        if only we all will think deeply and feel it we will know, we all are same.

      • Intent was such a beautiful way to bring people together from all over the world. We could see very clearly how we are all very similar in thoughts and feelings.

      • there was something in intent and its people, that woke up the divine in you.

        i have mixed with so many people, so many type of people, none had such positive effect on me.

        it was such a beautiful home for all of us. Full of genuine, unconditional love and goodness.

        will always love that home of mine 🙂

      • that will depend on mallika and others. but, even if they rebuild that same blog, the same people might not be around. so….

        we are truly blessed that we were there on the perfect time. 🙂

      • I do believe that I was on there at the perfect time to meet the people I did and make such a wonderful friend as you are.

        I don’t really feel like returning. I know Soulbro goes back now and then. I tried a little but it didn’t feel the same anymore for me.

      • i tried quite a lot in the initial stage, but they have changed the style and lot of things in the blog.

        my addiction got cured and i decided to not let it come back again.

        i was sending 10 to 16 hours on computer.

        i soaked enough of angel blessings for a life time.

      • i have surfed so much, i have not seen another website that is as addictive as intent.

        i am not addicted to my own website like i was addicted to intent.

        thats why i decided to stay away when i realized that the addiction is cured.

        10-16 hours on computer is not at all good.

      • Yes, my addiction is cured too. It doesn’t feel the same over there. I would have to agree, 10-16 hours is a long time to be on the computer everyday–especially spent on one website.

      • one website or not 🙂 all household jobs go to hell, as starshine once said when she was taking a break.

        she will have to attend her real life friends and jobs 🙂

        i have had so much beautiful things from intent that they will stay with me forever.

      • You’re so right, of course. Yes, we do have a “real life” that sometimes needs attending to. I just took care of some badly needed dusting the other day–I had neglected it for too long.

        I too have many wonderful blessings and memories from Intent.

      • As I have told you before, I was spared from the greatest addiction of present age “television”, well, computer and internet reminded me that I am not a superwoman 🙂

        I am absolutely addicted to them, dont want any further addictions, cant afford them.

        Esp after the increase in the family. They need enough attention and time, and almost always at separate times.

      • No, I can see how you don’t need any further addictions–me either. Those little ones sure need your undivided attention sometimes and are very important to spend time with.

        Little sweet peas…

        Did Trixie give birth yet?

      • yes. they sure are priorities when needs come. 🙂

        trixie last visited last night, not till then. she is yet to show up today, its almost three in the afternoon.

      • I think she will be quite alright. 🙂
        she seems to be in good health.

        i think i will have to bid pixie goodbye very soon. both the little ones are female, and he is driving me and them insane.

        soon he will drive them out of the house and after that he will disappear, he never was loyal. 🙂

        if i have to chose i will chose loyalty.

      • I’m glad you think Trixie will be OK. Sorry to hear that Pixie is annoying you and the babies–I’ll always remember him fondly as the first kitty to join with you.

        I understand your decision about bidding him goodbye–and his lack of loyalty.

        Much love to you and all the kitties…

      • he corrected himself after driving me nuts for a few days. thank God!!!!

        he is spending quite a lot of time at home these days, he is suffering from a wound near his tail, i have applied some medicine but the problem is he runs away after applying it half way. you know no power on earth can keep him indoors against his wills so i have to let him out and he vanishes for the night.

        i just hope that the wound will get well ASAP.

        he still is a sweet darling to me. 🙂

      • I wonder if that wound has made him go a little “loco”! This sore has been there awhile if it’s the same one you were treating a couple of weeks by now. I’m glad he’s not annoying you as much and I hope he can heal soon.

        I know your heart will always love him. 🙂

      • he came in the morning, i applied some medicine and he ran away from the house. 😦

        good that he has already eaten.

        i wonder if i should apply the medicine and make him roam outside the house or wont apply it and let him sleep at home 😦

      • Why don’t you try letting him stay and sleep and see if rest will help him heal without the medicine–at least for a day or two and see how it goes.

        It’s hard to know what’s best isn’t it. But if the other kitties will leave him alone to rest, you could try that for a while.


      • I did that, it appears that the wound is healing by itself.

        they have a strange understanding it seems, they let pixie stay all day and if he is at home they go out to play, but if that poor creature tries to stay overnight they drive him (and me) nuts. 🙂

      • they were like that all the while. 🙂

        since the kids grew up a little.

        they knew that if they fall asleep while pixie is in the room he will chew them up so they drive him out of the house before settling down.

        during the day when they feel safe they go out and play when pixie slumbers. they have divided their time 🙂

        smart kids.

      • Well they figured it out perfectly then didn’t they. Can’t really blame them–they didn’t like getting chewed up by that little imp! So now he’s reaping his reward.

      • I think they have drawn a boundary. they have decided how far they will allow the other to go. 🙂

        its fun to watch them once in a while.

      • I’m sure it is fun to watch how they will handle their difficulties with each other. Eventually, as they all become more mature, I think they will settle down happily with each other. 🙂

      • yes. there was a time when i thought pixie will never grow up but he has. he has become quite reserved these days and ignores the pesky kids mostly. but no matter what he escapes at night, 🙂

        last night i tried to keep him in but he ran away at nine.

      • and brownie will join him too soon. i think brownie is male. he is always eager to go out, today its raining a little even then he is going out and coming in and then complaining about wet furs 🙂

      • today is dottie’s lucky day, she has brought the third cockroach home 🙂 she is bored it seems, she is playing with it, not eating, usually she eats her preys instantly.

      • i too dont adore them, can you believe it they try to make me a part of their games by dumping their priceless booties at my feet?

        that night i was just coming out of the kitchen and dottie missed my feet hardly two inches Yuck!!!!!

      • Many times cats will offer “gifts” to their owners. I think you were gifted with a cockroach! Yuck! My daughter has a cat that goes out hunting and she has been gifted with lizards, roaches, mice/rats, and darling baby bunnies that were barely alive–all brought lovingly to her by her cat.

        If I stepped on a cockroach with my bare feet–I would have a heart attack!

      • i got the idea too. but it makes my heart almost stop too when they try to play with me involving their cute preys.

        they are so sweet and adorable, are not they?

      • absolue agreement. right now they all are out, actually pixie drove them out after driving me almost crazy.

        his wounds are not recovering because he is not giving up his nocturnal activities, and he is trying to make a hit on dottie, sorry but i am not allowing him. as a result…..

        phew! he sure knows how to get on my nerves 🙂 since he was a baby.

      • i think i am the one who deserves the sympathy here 😉 not him.

        Sometimes i feel like strangling him 🙂 Esp when i compare him with the kids, who dont give me half a hard time that he has given (2:1).

      • Yes, of course you deserve the sympathy–what was I thinking. 🙂 Bad Pixie!!

        My sister who is visiting here, left her boyfriend home with their new kitten. He was complaining to her on the phone today–that Sammy is being “naughty”. She’s attacking his legs and feet every time he gets up to move and he’s getting scratched and clawed by her play. But really my sister says he’s totally in love with that little kitty and holds her like a baby when she sleeps.

        It’s too soon to tell if Sammy will remain impish. 🙂

      • you know the little ones have already matured a lot more than him? they even look at him scornfully when he is in one of his acts?

        last night i kept him in the spare room, did not allowed him in the bedroom, i did not wanted to wake up at three 🙂

        he woke me up at six by his caterwauling, i had to open the window to let him out.

        he can learn some manners from the tiny ones. I think he is a problem child but whatever he is he is a cute imp 🙂

        I have decided that from now on if he intends to spend half of the night in home i will keep him in the spare room 🙂

      • Even those babies are losing their patience with him. I don’t know if he will learn from them or not–he seems pretty set in his impish ways.

        As we have discussed, he is going to be very suspicious of hanging around the house for any length of time now. I think he’ll be very wary of you locking him up. He’ll come in for a quick bite and then tear out of there!

      • yes, they too are bored with that big fellow 🙂 who just doesnot wants to grow up. 🙂

        its so funny, the kids are so much more poised and calmer than he is.

      • Even though he’s trouble for you, somehow my heart goes out to him.

        I wish for you a Happy New Year and all good things to come to you in the coming year. 🙂


  42. Oh my God, Trisha! The Taj Mahal poem is absolutely beautiful!!! It is such a fine tribute to such a beautiful gesture by the Emperor…
    I entered a world of romance on reading it.. and I’ll never want to step out!
    May their souls enjoy the other’s company.. and may the lovely moon always smile upon them…

    Keep writing, my friend… your works just keep shining as bright as ever!

    • The love of Shahjahan and Mumtaj has always touched my heart. Its so very beautiful and touching.

      I too pray the same, hope wherever they are in earth or heaven, they are together.

  43. Love your bird soaring into the blue poem. I’m sure that is what his heart feels when he takes off flying high and free.

    Also love The Cub poem. That’s exactly the way those cubs behave–all fierce and ready to attack–when Mom is there to protect. The adults have such a serene feel about them as they laze in the tall grass relaxing.

    • some birds really look like that, when they fly. I wish I could fly too, I too would have relished it. 🙂

      you exactly portrayed it, the way cubs and grown up tigers/lions behave. no one will even think they are so deadly.

    • I have a deep desire to cuddle a big cat atleast once before i die. they look so tempting 🙂

      they really are just like our domesticated cats only a little more reserved.

      you know, i first read about nero’s mistress pompia’s pet leopards when i was a child, she used to walk around with two leopards in chain. since that day to the day i knew that they are illegal pets i yearned to have a pair of royal bengal tigers as pet. 🙂

      • I much prefer that these regal cats are allowed to roam free like they are supposed to. I feel so bad for the ones in captivity having to live their days in small cages. In their real lives, they would roam over many miles a day–it’s just too sad to see them kept.

        I understand the attraction that they hold over people but they can never really be domesticated–they are very dangerous wild animals.

        But they look like huge, cuddly kitties! 🙂

      • I too prefer animals in forest, i only support humanitarian grounds for keeping them in zoo, like the severely/ amply wounded ones or the orphans, those that will not survive in wilderness.

        it must be a horrible life for any free creature to live in those confinements with hundreds of people thronging around them.

  44. I used to love to visit zoos when I was a child–now, as an adult, I just spend my time feeling sad for the captive animals.

    I too feel it is OK for animals to be kept that can no longer survive out in the wild, or to help propagate the species to help it survive.

    It is a horrible life to be snatched from your freedom to be placed in a cage for peoples’ amusement.

    • in today’s world i dont find any logic in zoos. the things which we watch in zoo are far better displayed in discovery or national geography.

      every one owns a television set these days.

      in place of zoos may be the governments can use some sprawling places as sanctuary for animals that dont mind captivity much like deer, peacock, rabbits etc, those cant afford a safari in jungles can have safari in these sanctuaries.

      i have visited zoo as a child quite a few times i guess. but when i visited it after being adult i just hated it.

      those poor things in scorching heat of west bengal, being tortured so that we can see how a deer/tiger looks face to face. 😦

      not exactly a fine thing, is it?

      have you seen twelve monkeys? i loved the scene when brad pitt and his comrades liberated all the zoo animals out on the street. 🙂

  45. You’re so right. Nowadays with television where we can see the animals and learn about their habitats, behaviors better than ever–zoos seem kind of barbaric and outdated. At least for the large game animals.

    No, it’s not a fine thing at all. 😦

    No, I didn’t see that movie–but I would have loved to have seen that scene!

    • those animals really looked fantastic roaming in the streets of either newyork or los angeles.

      flamingos in the sky, rhino, zebra and giraffes in the roads made a beautiful pic for a change.

  46. Hi, maybe this is not on subject but anyway, I have been reading about your web site and it looks truly neat. impassioned about your writing. I’m building a new blog and hard put to make it appear great, and provide really good content. I have discovered much on your site and I look forward to more updates and will be coming back.

  47. love your new creation for potluck and poets rally,
    you are beautiful soul, love your talent,

    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

  48. Also your Merry Christmas poem is full of beauty for this time of year–very sweet. And love very much your poem on reflections–by reflecting and musing we sometimes can come up with some answers–or not. 🙂 Much love…

  49. what a sweet and admirable entry, your arts are so refreshing and entertaining…
    Happy New Year.

    I appreciate your contribution,


    • I am happy that you liked them, these things keep my mind and hands busy 🙂

      I firmly believe in keeping them as busy as possible, and its mainly because of you that they are busy in creating things i love

      thanks to you.

  50. Trisha, you are truly amazing. You must have been drenched with creative muses. I love all your poems and the spiritual undertones that mark your celebrations. And you’ve even created a logo or whatever it’s called for the MMWP. I don’t know how to do those kinds of things and haven’t really tried to promote it, but you encourage me to do more with it. Thanks so much. As Jingle would say, “YOU ROCK!”

  51. Beautiful and true thoughts …I am for any time that brings a little peace and joy, and any one or thing for that matter. I just love to see happy people. May this new year bring you some happiness too!

    • Same here. I have reached a state of mind where peace and happiness reside in my heart and mind almost always, so i dont need equipments to get them, now my enjoyment is watching others having fun, their glowing faces add extra happiness to my plate 🙂

      Wish you loads of happiness too 🙂

  52. All your poems are beautiful..
    But I love the Changing colours very much..You have very wisely written how we see the celebrations by passing years..the wisdom we gain..
    Thankyou for sharing..
    Happy new Year.

    • I have shared my own feelings in this poem, the change i saw in myself. how we slowly lean toward spiritualism and God with age.

      Wish you a marvelous year and years ahead.

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