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The princess and the frog

The princess and the frog

Junior mister froggy
Was mommy’s pet
Mommy called him
“My darling prince.”
When he crooned
His froggy melodies
Mommy was always there
To applaud and cheer him.

With time he grew up
Became a big frog
Still he was mommy’s
Darling, her pet.
He went out for adventure
To slay dragons
To conquer lands
To win a princess for himself.

Soon he saw a princess
Playing by her fountain
He went up to her
“Kiss me, I am a prince.”
The princess saw a frog
Heard him going “Ribbit”
She ran away screaming
“Mommy mommy come quick!”

Our prince was undaunted
He followed her to her palace
Soon he found her out
Sitting in her room
He clambered up to the windowsill
“Kiss me now! Quick!”
The princess pushed him out, he hollered
“I will be back!”

Sharmishtha basu


Musings 10.09.10

A pretty princess
Pretty as a picture.

Melodious as a lark
Fragrant as a rose

Won the fancy of a toad.

The toad asked for a kiss
The princess obliged.

He turned into a prince
They lived happily ever-after.

That’s what the story says.

What if he dint changed?
It has not been a fairytale.

Sharmishtha basu


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18 thoughts on “The princess and the frog

  1. I remember this fairytale, The Frog Prince right?

    One obeyed while the other didn’t. It’s who we are that help us in our choices that we make.

    And what if he didn’t change, well a) She would be displeases because she probably hoped that he would’ve turned into a prince, or b) She wouldn’t have mind because she wasn’t expecting anything. Fairy tales are just that, fairy tales.

    Enjoy your weekend. My regards To Mr. Pixie and friends. 🙂

  2. kissing a slimy toad expecting him to become prince ….. 🙂

    i would not have done it. even if it spoke in human tongue. yuck!

    then, those who dare win!

    1. You are funny Golden Lotus of God’s Love….if the toad even talked you can never know…it might have been a ventriloquist doing this…hehehe…enjoy as well(+) 🙂

    2. Ventriloquist. Must be one with too much time on his hands.

      But I guess that’s what fairy tales are made up of, things that people will not normally do. Love has a strange way of being reveal.

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