A funky fairytale



A demon loved an angel
To the limit of insanity
They are not for each other
This much he knew for sure
He knew she will walk away
The moment he shows himself
So he donned a mask
Conned her into loving him.

But what could he do to himself
Soon the mask started to peel
The angel left him
When the mask fell of his face.
First she was angry and bitter
Then he realized his helplessness
His heart was forcing him
To hound her to force her to him.

The demon got furious
Believed her a traitor
He called her names, taunted her
She asked him to change himself
He refused said her love was fake
tried to make her jealous, bitter
hit her from every angle, corner
she reminded him she was an angel.

To have an angel in his arms
He will have to be one
A simple truth that can’t be undone
Oil and water can’t mingle
Black and white can’t embrace
To mingle with each other
They have to be same
Or sacrifice himself in absolute sense.

Its an old wine in new pack, so the picture is a fresh gift for old readers.

author: sharmishtha basu


34 thoughts on “A funky fairytale

  1. I love your story in a poetic form,
    this is outstanding…
    I adore every word you say,
    it sings wisdom and truth…

    how brilliant you are to see things the way it is.


  2. This demon would melt if he knew this woman as she was not meant for him…as in the end forgive the pun..he was gonna get burned himself..and he subdued himself to sense..which maybe he Now knows who he is….Lovely Love..enjoy Golden Lotus of God’s Love(+) 🙂

      • I will not be around for a few days as I am going to Wildwood New Jersey to the ocean as I need some plane tickets to come get you and bring you to make our sandcastle project but it was a spur of the moment thing so I will have to come get you the next time….in the meantime you will be in my heart as you always are and will miss you that you are not here with mme…

        Love ya Golden Lotus of God’s Love, enjoy always(+) 🙂

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  5. You can’t hide the truth from someone for very long–sooner or later you will be seen for what you really are–right through your mask. However they might try–the differences between them were too great to overcome.

    This is so true…

    • They will most probably choke each other to death if the love is not too deep. a demon wont be able to toler the “all good” angel for long, and the angel will most prob cry to death seeing him acting his way – unless they madly love each other, in that case both will change to fit, none will remain the same any way.. so theoretically they will be different beings not the ones they were before.

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