Death of an angel

I used to see a little angel
Sitting under a tree
Playing with flowers
Running after butterflies.

Months passed away
I did not see her
Then one sad evening
I saw her shadow again.

It was her, or was it?
Where was that angel?
The playful, innocent one?
Who always loved and played?

I saw a sad woman
Who has lost her wings,
And along with that
Every thing I loved.

“You don’t know? Do you?”
A friend queried me.
“A prince fell in love with her.
But was too wary of her nature.”

“He thought she laughed too much,
He thought she was too naïve
Too playful and childish
Too innocent to be queen.”

“So he twisted and tainted her
Till she became like now
Then he got fed up with her
And married someone new.”


42 thoughts on “Death of an angel

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    • “professional” is the term applicable to your marvellous works, i think i just write out of passion and feelings from heart. very frankly i dont want to be professional 🙂

  2. Once she was full of life and fun
    Enjoying every step in being one
    Flying around on fluttered wings
    To make her Soul dance and heart sing
    But she got tainted by an evil prince
    And has not flown around ever since

    enjoy as well Golden Lotus of God’s Love(+) 🙂

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