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Jingle Perfect Poet Award Week 16 and Thursday Rally for Poets

Jingle the perfect poet award week 16

Perfect Poet Award for Week 16 by Jingle (

Thank you jingle and the lovely being who nominated me for this lovely award. Thank you again Jingle for this wonderful get together which you organize for us every day. You sure make our days more beautiful and adorable.

Anyone who wants to know “marvelous” jingle and her “splendid” rally for poets visit her blogs ( and and check her Thursday Rally for poets ( blogs.

This wonderful lady tirelessly toils behind this child of hers, she has brought together a huge number of poets singlehandedly by contacting every one personally and staying afterwards. She visits all our blogs every day and keeps us together.

Kudos young lady, it takes lots of capability to do a thing like this.

My thanks again to all of you who have become a part of my life through this beautiful rally.

God bless you all.

Now my poem for this week’s Thursday Poet Rally:

A walk

A walk through the dreamy woods
A frail trail winding around trees
tall, majestic trees touching the sky..
Golden sunshine pouring down on me
cascading down like a waterfall,
through the branches and leaves.
Creating a land of light and shadow,
a realm of mystery and dreams.

I walk alone humbled and sober
absorbing that display of glory
showering down from heaven above
to bless these mortal eyes.
Every thing around me seems
soaking up that pure bliss silently
That shower of pure love from above
coming down to bless the earth below.

Well, now I will nominate ONE poet who has touched my heart by his beautiful poems of love, he is very young and extremely talented. His poems for his “love” always bring a very happy smile on my face. His heart is blessed with cupid’s magic touch. He is Phalgunn Maharishi ( Please keep those loving poems coming.


A bookworm transformed into an addicted writer. I love to write and illustrate them myself. By love I mean love, no half-hearted relationship, a full-fledged, passionate love, I can’t pass two days in a stretch without writing/painting (cyber), just feel empty like lovers do when their lovers are away on a tour! Even though I am thoroughly enjoying self-publishing with amazon, but if you like my work and want to publish my works in your magazine, books or better if you want to publish a book of my works please make me very happy by contacting me. Or if you want to sell my works on commission basis only!! contact me, I will be quite relieved. Honestly writing and selling your own work is a very BORING combination. So you are more than welcome! Mail me, or go to- my blog (I have 16 blogs in wordpress, all active, some on daily basis, every one on weekly basis screaming and vowing my LOVE for writing and painting- this one is first-born, so special) (You will get the link to my remaining blogs there) or you can check out my ezines- monthly- And if you want fb you can go to my page, linkedin- my email id and I am in goodreads and completelynovel too I guess I said enough about myself, right? You will forget if I stuff too much here, so if you are curious to know this humble creature just join me in my blogs :)

42 thoughts on “Jingle Perfect Poet Award Week 16 and Thursday Rally for Poets

  1. the forest is One of my favorite places ,where I feel free and I have inspiration away from the city’s din and chaos.
    well done trisha, a well penned poem.

    1. I too love trees- never lived near a forest but have lived in places full of trees. i loved to sit there alone, just feeling their presence all around me.

  2. My goodness,
    I thought I commented,
    it must be a dream,
    it goes to your treasure box?

    Thank you for the update!

  3. I always enjoy nature walks,
    a walk to your dream woods it absolutely surprising and stunning!
    lovely poem,
    fantastic images!

    1. i love the company of nature in any form, there was a time when i used to bicycle for hours, then two wheeler came and walking has been all time favourite. nothing comes close to it.

      your first comment was in treasure box. 🙂

  4. Beautifully done Golden Lotus of God’s Love..enveloping myself in every word you wrote as it is so captivating like a true story in the Adirondack Mountains..smelling the pines and crisp blue clear to join me this in this excursion :)…enjoy as well(+) 🙂

    1. not much busy 🙂 only watching one movie after another.

      i visited your blogs last night, your original blog betrayed me after one comment 😦 will try the wordpress blog today.

      happy weekend!

  5. “Humbled and sober.” A walk like that can calm a person. 🙂

    For you

    She stood on the mountain just before dawn,
    Waiting for the sun to say hello;
    Her companion, a songbird refusing to sing,
    And a reason she must know.

    “Why no joy; no song today?
    Are you sad?”
    “Today I got some very bad news,
    And it took away the joy I had.”

    “I am sorry to hear that,” she began,
    But then the rays of the sun colored the sky.
    Heating coldness, enriching the blue and gray,
    As if using a dye.

    And for a few minutes, a silence ensued,
    As they both soaked up that delight;
    And to her surprise, a melody,
    As the bird took to flight.

    “Where are you going?” she asked.
    “And you are singing too.”
    And looking back, it gave her a smile,
    And then said, “Each day must start anew.”

    Pray that God takes you through whatever it may be. 🙂

    1. i forgot to copy your url. will be checking your blog very soon. have read the poems, they are lovely, but will have to log in to post comment.

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