Magic potion: Post for Thursday Rally of poets

My piece of flower for the marvelous bouquet which jingle has created at

She is the queen of the hearts of our small group of friends, writers, artists cum poets.

Visit her and you will love her blog and her like we all do.

Happy Thursday.

Passion is the magic potion
God placed in your hand
Try it, before it’s too late
And you will see how it works.

Add some passion in your eyes
When you see the birds, the sky
When you see your kids, friends
When you see your office gate.

Add a little of it in your hands
When you clasp, shake another
Write a poem, type a letter
When you open the kitchen door.

Just a little drop of this potion
Will transform your dreary world
Into a world of fairy tales
This prescription has been tried well.

37 thoughts on “Magic potion: Post for Thursday Rally of poets

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    • dear jannie,
      your blog is awesome, but it doesnot opens properly in my pc. 😦
      i tried quite a few times but it doesnot.
      slow connection i guess.
      with warmest wishes and thanks.

    • thats ok, i know how much you do for all of us. i have finished my this week’s homework too, and have left the comment in your post. 🙂 🙂

      you are really awesome. i mean it.

  2. And to know it’s within us, if only it can be awaken. 🙂

    I love this; it’s like skipping down a street. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend. My regards to Mr Pixie who I think isn’t enjoying the sun. 8)

    • yes, mister pixie is romping around with a “touch me not” attitudes these days, he runs away if he gets the notion that i am planning to cuddle him. 🙂

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