Perfect poet award & Thursday Rally for poet poem

This is the award (Perfect Poet Award Week 10) given to me by jingle
whatever I say about this outstanding lady is too little in comparison to her fabulous capacity. She is simply UNIQUE.

Well, my this week’s nominee is a wonderful and awesome poet:

Yes you guys guessed it right, I had to toss again. You all are awesome, I would have loved to nominate all of you, but as I have to select only ONE, I toss.

Here is my poem for Thursday Poet Rally:
Fake Pearls

Oh she was desperate for him,
she wanted him with her
so she picked up all she had
to dress up to woo him to her.

One by one she picked up
false pearls of love, charity
and every other virtue she could
see or find in anyone near her…

she created a gorgeous necklace
and adorned it in her neck
she admired herself in the mirror
and went out to please him.

The path was long took days to reach
she saw his house was made of glass
she recoiled when she saw the string
of colourless beads hanging from neck.


20 thoughts on “Perfect poet award & Thursday Rally for poet poem

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  2. Great poem. Well told story and message. It builds to an ending I didn’t expect.

    Have a great rest of the week 🙂

    • dear dustus,
      so the end was a surprise? well, as you must have already guessed it, the message was we should be completely pretenseless to God and as pretenseless as possible to others.
      You too have a wonderful time ahead.

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    • a thing which i love to keep reminding myself-i can fool everyone but myself and God, and at the end, only these two judges sit in front of me, on the chair while i stand facing them.

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