An absolutely TWISTED Good news

i wish i could

Those of you, who have tried my private blogs, well, the good news is that the requests you have sent have been devoured by wordpress.

When I did not received a single request then I checked by sending me requests from other blogs, the advantage of having a dozen blogs.. guess what, none showed up!

If you want to read them, leave me a message with your email ids, I will send you the requests to your email ids if they reach, well and good or else I will just make them visible again. Dont have much choice if the site malfunctions, right?

if you dont want to share your email ids here, in open you can just leave a message, I will mail in the email id provided with your comment, my yahoo account is not working. Is not that a surprise! It started working since a couple of days back, and it is not accepting any requests, is asking me to contact the support but the phone is not getting connected, and they dont offer any online help apart from a list of “To do” b****.

Have a wonderful week ahead, with lots of fun.