Thursday Pages 17.4.14

hatred of men - Copy

This is most probably one of the most beautiful, soothing quotes I have ever read. I used to subscribe to a site which posted me bible quotes every day, and believe me, I treasured most of the quotes.

Even though I am Hindu to the core but I have always loved religious quotes that speak about love and compassion, that spirit is very much bright in Bible and Budhdhism quotes, two of my favorite channels of positive thoughts.

As you all know I have made and private, you will have to try to open them from your computer and then request my permission to access them, once I give you, its done I believe. Dont be scared, there wont be many posts there, just one or two each week, and they will be quite seriously written.

The others are in their usual places,;;;;;;;;


My email account is, my fb account is sharmishtha.basu.50, if you want to join me there, do leave me a message, to tell me, and if you find any discrepancy, or something confuses you about the account, like an old friend of mine got confused and ended up in the account of another sharmishtha basu, a married woman with a kid, and only after he congratulated me on my kid did he realized that he was standing in front of a stranger’s house, that woman uses my spelling and our profiles are slightly different, now that is a little too annoying co-incidence! any way… just double check if you get confused. I use my signature photograph in my profile and the header of mydomainpvt as backgroudn pic in fb.

Just like winter is ruining your spring, summer is ruining ours. Now it is officially summer here, so, we can brace ourselves for a lovely all burning oven. If only mother nature will send some heat to your world and some rain to mine.

Take care and have a great time.
lots of love.