Black Mist and other stories


Okay kiddos just as I scared you! I will be trying to make some living out of my writing, am tired of exploiting my brother’s nobility! 

So, you will be seeing my books by dozens in coming years! :) 

Here is another one, a collection of ten short stories, that will add up to 140 pages approximately, without a single picture in it, so I guess it is nice enough size for a story book. I rather prefer small sized books unless they are written by classic writers hee ha ha. 

The stories are fantasy and ghostie. Spookie and disturbing but mild. Hope it will join the Halloween booklist :)




the lotus of fire 2

The Lotus of Fire

This one contains 40 plus poems and illustrations.

I am rookie in this field, accidental jumper I will say, so forgive my step by step feeding. Actually if David had not asked me I would have thought that the minute I  have published it in createspace it has become available in all six places. :)

Thanks a lot David, for kindle we have to undergo lot of technicalities (don’t fret, they walk you through it perfectly), been there, done that, it is now available in kindle stores. Some of the links are:



The book code is : (ASIN: B00O8M3O5E)  I think if you just replace any of the above amazon addresses with your local one and add the remaining portion you will locate my book if it is available there.


petals of fire lotus POTHI


Petals of Fire Lotus

This one contains about 30 poems (a few more) with my own illustrations, its an ebook.




FOR MY FRIENDS WHO SPEND REGULAR TIME ON MY BLOG, I HAVE DECIDED TO HIDE mydomainpvt and sharmishthabasu too, the regular posts will come up but the main page will be this one, and some pages with some writings will be here.


As I am planning to get a set of my books self-published I am about to practice “Hard to Get” :)





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