Thursday pages 1.5.14

bfly 25713

In the blazing, scorching summer
pick up some colours
paint the wings of butterflies
set them free
watch them soar
against the scorched summer sky
add their colours to hazy blue
life is beautiful
sometimes by nature
sometimes by actions

Summer… summer… summer in full fury… the temperature has gotten a bit mild but no signs of rain at all… the only relief that we bengalis get.

I remember when i first came to Bengal, back then, and for years thereafter this season meant scorching days ending in a kalbaisakhi and relief. Kalbaisakhi is a typical storm of Bengal spring, early summer, a very dark gathering of cloud, fierce storm, heavy downpour sometimes with hail and then quick disappearance of cloud- usually everything done within hour or a little longer. Kalbaisakhis were real frequent seven to eight storms were quite normal every month. Now… though met department sometimes try to brand some summer storms as kalbaisakhi but they are gone, their annual show is mostly one or two and this year well, apparently no show in calcutta.

Nature is getting real wicked these days :)

So, ignore the winter rain in spring or scorching summer in spring, whatever you are facing and know that she is playing with all, not only you. naughty naughty mother earth. :)

Have a great weekend and week ahead.


As you all know I have made and private, if you want to read these blogs let me know, i will send the invitation to the email id that i get when you post a comment, do let me know if you get it, if not i will send again and again till you do.

Dont be scared, there wont be many posts there, just one or two each week, and they will be quite seriously written, may be quite blunt and harsh…fair warning!

The others are in their usual places,;;;;;;;;


my fb account is sharmishtha.basu.50, if you want to join me there, do leave me a message, to tell me, and if you find any discrepancy, or something confuses you about the account, like an old friend of mine got confused and ended up in the account of another sharmishtha basu, a married woman with a kid, and only after he congratulated me on my kid did he realized that he was standing in front of a stranger’s house, that woman uses my spelling and our profiles are slightly different, now that is a little too annoying co-incidence! any way… just double check if you get confused. I use my signature photograph in my profile and the header of mydomainpvt as backgroudn pic in fb.

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15 thoughts on “Thursday pages 1.5.14

  1. The change of intensity of weather/storms seems to be worldwide.

    • fortunately a solid thunderstorm (trademark of bengal summer) saved us from sure roasting, but the temperatur is soaring, hope another storm is lingering in not distant future :)

  2. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon, even if it’s just temporary. Here the summer foliage is all out so it looks wonderful but the weather has still stayed cool and the sky is blue. What a perfect day for hiking in the mountains and I’m stuck inside with a bum knee. :)

    • it must be quite annoying for a person who loves hiking! anyway… life sometimes haves its wicked roars of laughter. Hope the place where you are moving to will allow you to pick up from here. :)

  3. woww looks at the number of blogs you have :D amazing. It’s winter here brrr cold. Loved your work in MS Paint

  4. I love your description of summer in “full fury” – it is fascinating to discover how other people view summer… over here, in England, we think of summer as benign because our winters can be so bitterly cold!


  6. My son is a forecaster for, The National Weather Service. Climate Change….sad, but true.

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