problems in hotmail

how many of you guys have email accounts in Hotmail (Currently outlook)? the problems started when they made all of us use outlook, a service I am not very fond of, because if someone hacks into your account and siphons your mails you will never even know. I have had that experience in the past when I used outlook with my gmail account. You wont believe, I realized it after an year- that someone is siphoning my mails. I do have a suspicion about who it was but he is a pest I cant get rid of. he just flitters around my life like an invisible mosquito. Annoying, harmful but you cant do anything about it type of creature.

So, after that I stopped using outlook and gmail, realizing that hacking gmail is childplay. then came Microsoft’s weird decision to force outlook everyone’s gullet. They have the final say so they had their way.

Now, ever since shifting to this house the accounts are driving me crazy-

every time I succeed in logging in they take ages to perform the simplest tasks like opening inbox, folders, mails, sending mails etc. I can blame that on slow internet speed … but now they have picked up a new trend, it started in mid October I believe, everytime I try to log in into my accounts (even the ones I am using regularly) they whine that I have not been logging in into that account from this location (What will I require to do? to keep them logged in? to give them access to everything I am doing online?)

initially they were satiated with simple information like date of birth, now they want more, first they ask me to request a code in my alternate account and then when I try to open the alternate account they ask me to request a code to its alternate account- so I will have to open them both by some invisible mean to read the codes they have sent me, right?

btw, are you guys having these problems or my invisible pest is creating this? may be I am not even reaching Microsoft login page, am banging my head in his fake website? This has happened to me before. So I wont be surprised.

seems like they are no longer capable of running Hotmail so before they go to zombieland with their customers please do you know any reliable email service? other than google- that’s an absolute no no for me, any service that is moderately safe from hackers and works properly (and of course is free)?

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  1. I experienced similar problems with my Hotmail/outlook account except that I kept quiet about it thinking I was the only one going through it. Frankly I don’t seem to know what to do about it.

  2. I had a try with gawab years ago, as the account has a similar capacity to that of gmail if you want to send heavy duty archives enclosed. The only thing – which was puzzling indeed – was that I joined a Stephen Crane fan site and whenever there were messages coming from or going to the States it said something like “gawab do not think this place is secure it may challenge our policies”. I reread their policy and they banned pornographic stuff, violence and the like, so what was so nasty about a dead writer? And how do they manage to see what there is inside your personal mail? I think that spying personal stuff around the net is so generalized that none of us can be free of it. And if it interferes with the actual sending or receiving messages, I don’t see the point. After gawab I tried gmail…

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