bulletin for friends

There is no good news from internet desk as yet. I use two service providers, the executives of both have paid kind visits to the house and have declared that its a dead zone for both!

One said that they will set up a tower in this locality in December, the other said that they will fix the problem but cant tell when… sounds like the fake promises of politicians huh?? it eerily resembles that.

oh yes, as I have to keep my full concentration on the connectivity so you will discover a lot of typos- I wonder if gremlins are doing it or autocorrect features… hate them both when they try to play the role of the writer.

bear with me. some blogs of my friends open like magic- some take too much time, for rich contents- so if I can manage one comment in your blog that does not means I have read only one post! I read almost all of them but as we all know, the minute we click the comment button things get really scary in low internet speed.

recently someone left a message that truly cheered me up, he said that if I want to see a real slow internet connection I should go to a cabin in Alaska- that sure snapped me out of my self pity mode!


Well, its so dead that ever since moving into this house I have been able to post blogs on only three of my blogs- mydomainpvt, window2mysoul and magicthought.

it will stay like this but I will try to keep the blogs alive by posting Thursday posts on them! If the internet connection does not improves most probably I will have to stick with this blog fully and the others just weekly.

the silver lining? soon I will become a television critic! That is my present way of passing time.

much love!

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  1. No problem Sharmishtha, the problems will be solved as they promised just keep after them. We understand your situation so no worry my friend. You take care and don’t worry too much where it is not your fault. Relax and God bless.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with your Internet connection. That can be very frustrating. I hope you will be online speedily and securely all the time. Blessings to you, Trisha…

  3. dear sharmi. you have never disappointed you fans(like me) :) i keep reading most of your blogs.
    so hope that internet connectivity problem gets resolved soon and you keep writing

    1. hey, I got your email about your new web site, but you did not gave me the URL, what is it?

      believe me I am trying my best to keep my blog alive, because losing it will mean losing my friends- and that is absolutely out of question!

    1. thanks my sweet friend. just pray for my patience to increase and a bit of luck because the condition is deteriorating not improving! my friends are the only reason I am not throwing away the idea of blogging!

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