bizarre things happening in my blog

does wordpress always response immediately to your activities? These days I am noticing more and more bizarre things, and they are not funny anymore because my time is quite precious lately courtesy to the internet speed.

1. Every comment takes multiple attempts- mostly the page crashes on first attempt then I have to go back to the previous page and try again.

2. posts take unusual time to get published on the site, and I have to double check if they have been published or I have been given a false message in perfect manner that my post has been published.

3. I have been trying to edit the tags of one of my posts for last fifteen minutes, the edit box is opening, its allowing me to edit and then when the edit box is closing after updating- guess what, the change is not accepted.

4. almost every day I have to type the password twice or thrice before I am finally allowed in my account.

I hope my internet connection is not suffering from snowden syndrome! May be all the while I am writing and pouring out my creativity someone else is buying the copyrights, sitting at some synced computer in some dirty dungeon, grinning like Cheshire cat!

Share your frustration which I hope you don’t have!

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  1. If you’re using Firefox, try Chrome to see if it’s any better, or vice versa (if you’re using IE, try anything else). Otherwise, it’s probably just the Internet connection. I know my WordPress lags sometimes, but only if everything else on the net is slow at that moment. At least, I hope that is all it is, nothing malicious.

  2. Looks all messed up too. I Have had it break to where I can’t even see my home page in firefox, chrome, or safari (OS X 10.7.5) in recent weeks. Torch, based on chromium, works fine though. Wouldn’t rule out the interference syndrome.

  3. i’m using Chrome and Safari. Works fine .
    Yeah sometimes i also have encountered this delay is loading readers Page.
    calm down sharmi. might be sometimes they are doing some maintenance activity or may be a technical glitch or may be due to internet speed. all we can do is not stop writing and be little more patient . now smile :)

    1. I know I keep my works in word, the thing that bothers is when I schedule a post, trying to be organized and then I check that blog on Friday to notice that my Thursday post has not been published on date! ha!!!

  4. I think you should report the problem. I once reported a problem I had,when I first started blogging,and an engineer sent me a mail to rectify it. He said it was spam or something of that nature. But everything got fixed.

    1. I will, if it continues, today I typed my password five times, then right when I was about to become sure that I must have missed a key yesterday while changing it luck smiled and I was allowed to log in- well, one thing I can assure you I don’t mistype- I trained for years on good old typewriters with a goal of nil mistake, and was really admired by tutors in a professional school.

  5. I have been having format issues. I will save the blog one way and it will be all messed up when I publish. I was using two devices, tablet and pc when it started, but I started using only the pc and is still very finicky. Especially with pictures. I do reccomend using google chrome for your browser, it seems to be the most stable. Hope your internet situation improves, as interruptions can thwart data entry. Or it could be the NSA…

    1. down here it must be Indian government, they have been trying to push forth a bill to legalize snooping, censoring internet stuffs, it has been a big problem for so many of them that these days bullying, buying media is no longer useful because dumb citizens blog everything and dumb citizens read those blogs and often trust them more than the media news.

      well, that makes two of us, I too try to publish the posts in one way and it gets published in another way, I often have to edit it more than once to give it my kind of look. I thought that I am not good at these things, I never claim to be…

  6. [ Smiles ] Luckily, there are no issues on my end.

    I would recommend that you experiment with various browsers; this might help.

    Also, it doesn’t hurt to inform the Happy Engineers at WordPress of your situation.

    1. the problem is I don’t trust google products, some people have hacked into my computer using gmail/BlogSpot/both and they did it for more than a year, I only discovered after I switched the internet service provider, then all of a sudden all my accounts lost their passwords- I could retrieve the wordpress and Hotmail passwords but not the gmail/BlogSpot ones. the worse part is these days against my will I am using that old service provider again, so google products are absolutely out of question but I am seriously contemplating on trying firefox. thanks for the suggestion!

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